FF #3

We lose our sleep

With the same song on repeat

Of how we’re going to leave so and so alone

They will not defeat

Then we begin to think

What if I’ll forever be lonely

In these dangerous streets

Where love is just a myth

To where we become numb to the truth of what it is

Ain’t this some shit

We begin to say

I was just laying next to you the other day

Now I see you with a different person everyday

But still hit me up when they go a different way

As if I’m suppose accept your actions

I’m just minding my business

While you’re out relaxing

With someone who you’re gonna tell me is just a friend

Or better yet, my favorite lie

“That’s just my cousin”

As if I didn’t just see you tongue her down

But yet want to still keep me around

That’s nasty

I don’t like other people germs

Show me you love me and want me through your actions

You can keep your words.


Rest of Them

He fears that I’ll leave again

(I might)

I feared that his love wasn’t everlasting

(Seemed to only last for the night)

His soul tried to touch mine

(His actions proved he was a waste of time)

I ran instead of trying to work things out

(He failed to acknowledge my exit was filled with doubt)

Now I want to come back and make things work

(Why not just give it a shot?)

He still fears that I’ll leave again

(If his words doesn’t match his verbs, I will)

Now I’m sitting here writing my love for him

Still doubt in my mind that I want to share my world with him

I try to grasp why I still want to be with him

Adding him to the list:”Rest of Them”