FF #3

We lose our sleep

With the same song on repeat

Of how we’re going to leave so and so alone

They will not defeat

Then we begin to think

What if I’ll forever be lonely

In these dangerous streets

Where love is just a myth

To where we become numb to the truth of what it is

Ain’t this some shit

We begin to say

I was just laying next to you the other day

Now I see you with a different person everyday

But still hit me up when they go a different way

As if I’m suppose accept your actions

I’m just minding my business

While you’re out relaxing

With someone who you’re gonna tell me is just a friend

Or better yet, my favorite lie

“That’s just my cousin”

As if I didn’t just see you tongue her down

But yet want to still keep me around

That’s nasty

I don’t like other people germs

Show me you love me and want me through your actions

You can keep your words.


Line in Life

I pray next life time

That you’ll forever be mine

Not worrying about who & who hitting your line

That we’ll forever be more than fine

I hope that you’ll love me more than you do now

I ask that you will, for eternity 

Hold me down 

That you’ll never look at anyone the same

That I’ll be your peace and your sane 

I want to keep you forever with me

Hold me so close 

Very tightly

As we all know I’m very clingy 

Forever I’ll cherish you longer than eternity

I love you more than the winners love their money on jeopardy 

Come home to me 

Never let me go

Tell me how to love you

My actions will show

My heart will forever be in your possession

Come lay down

I’ll show you more than affection

Maybe I was wrong about you at first

My heart feels different 

Like it’s going to burst 

I just want to love you

Forever you’ll be mine 

I want you to be

My lifeline

What Win?

Am I living my dreams

Or am I only awaking each day to scream

Gotta wake up to wash up

To accomplish someone else’s dream

Constantly praying to God

To help me get through this job

To keep me on the right path

So that I don’t have to go out and rob

Why can’t I just wake up rich?

I gotta actually work for that shit?

Don’t wanna put my hand out

But my pockets are in a drought

It’s nothing that rain can do

But bring many sad news

About this person and person

Getting in accidents too

Trynna turn my frown

Upside down

But all I can think about is being wealthy in the future

And bypassing the now!

What thee fuck am I to do?

When the bills are due?

Forget this thing called life,


Now it’s your cue!


What do you say to her when she’s crying at night

Hoping and wishing for a better life Not even a rich full life just one where she can be in her mother’s presence every night

Wondering why her mom gave her away to this place where she’s unable to escape and have to suffer from another not her mother whom she’ll rather here it from instead of hearing it from a person telling her she belongs in the slum ain’t gonna be nothin but what her mother is and collect her sins whole her mother no longer listens.

She now only says why you trying to start an argument don’t want to deal with this shit. Thirteen praying for both parents to come back and hold her close or at least make an attempt to never let her go, but they don’t. 

They won’t. 

She cries at night

She yells and scream

Asking God for a plea

Just bring them back to me

Why must you cause suffering 

What did I do 

Keep the materialistic things,

All I want is 


The one who gave birth.

The one who suppose to nurture. 

Yet you leave me here to live your life for the next five years missing out on mine as I sit here and cry. Wondering why? What did I do? Why do you no longer want us two? 

She’s through.