What Win?

Am I living my dreams

Or am I only awaking each day to scream

Gotta wake up to wash up

To accomplish someone else’s dream

Constantly praying to God

To help me get through this job

To keep me on the right path

So that I don’t have to go out and rob

Why can’t I just wake up rich?

I gotta actually work for that shit?

Don’t wanna put my hand out

But my pockets are in a drought

It’s nothing that rain can do

But bring many sad news

About this person and person

Getting in accidents too

Trynna turn my frown

Upside down

But all I can think about is being wealthy in the future

And bypassing the now!

What thee fuck am I to do?

When the bills are due?

Forget this thing called life,


Now it’s your cue!


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