Couldn’t Win The Day

Woke up an hour late

Just to try to start my day

To help the man succeed his plan

While I daydream about my own visions

Tried to start my car, my car wouldn’t work

Tried to catch a ride, no available Uber’s

Finally made it to work, files packed up high

Then they expected me to finish it by noon time

Went to buy lunch, card got declined

Thought I had three more hours left,

But then they hit me with the mandatory overtime

Trying to make it home

No one answers their phone

After an hour wait

I’m finally on my way

Get to the door

Note reads

After this month tenant, there’ll be no more “please”

Either find a new place, or pay me my money


Finally got inside

To my surprise. . .

“Dear Bae,

Hope you had a great day!

These years have been pretty amazing.

Maybe not great or superb

In the end, I’m kicking you to the curb.

No it’s not you! It’s definitely me.

I have yet to figure out my true identity.

With all the love in the world

I can’t just share it with only one girl.

I know you’ll understand

You always do

Had to sell all our things to make way for the new.”

I’m laying on the floor

How could this be?

Why this, why that, why me?






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