My heart cries for you day and night wishing I could just lay right next to you 

Building dreams that you’ll say we shall do

But I just wait

Wait for you to actually do as you say

Instead of seeing you read my text at this time

But yet wait for a response until the next day 

Or week

Or months

Then a semi sarcastic response I provide

When you’re actually all that I want 




Why won’t you just open your eyes

Understand that I want you to be mines

And nobody else’s.

I sit here wondering why I can’t accept nobody else the way I have accepted you 

I just sit and ponder and cry about all the pain and happiness you put me through 

As I sit on this street to understand if this is actually my last note to you 

My love

My heart

The only one I could actually see myself being with from the start. 

From a simple hello 

As I looked through the bread hoping that you’ll leave me alone.

But you didn’t,

You kept speaking and eventually got the digits.

As I thought I should dodge you

I didn’t.

Now my heart wishes that it did

As I sit here and say SHIT, 


Did all that people thought they could do 

Capturing my heart

Have them on my mind nonstop as you do.

They don’t

They won’t 

They can’t

You will and always be the MAN

I’ll always hate him, but I love him.


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